Justice League Hints at THAT DC Superhero’s Movie Future (SPOILERS)

Terri, Jim and Joshua react to one of the film’s coolest Easter eggs and what it suggests is in store for fans. Check out the full discussion here!

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  1. It sold out on premiere day but the cinemas were empty after that. It's an improvement in quality for the DCEU but they really need to step up their game and do away with the horrible, shiny CGI villains. Looking at you BatmanVSuperman and Suicide Squad.

  2. (SPOILER FREE Review)
    The "Critics" are completely wrong about this movie and it is definitely a step int he right direction for the DCEU.
    Let's get what's wrong out of the way. Batman vs Superman killed any good expectations for this movie. And you can definitely tell the Snyder vs Joss Whedon direction in the film. And the story IS something you can get in a 90's Super Friends Episode. Story-wise, it's mediocre at best, BUT Entertainment-wise, the movie is REALLY good… and I'm judging the entertainment factor by "Will I watch it again?" And the answer is 100% yes. With the exception of Wonder Woman, this is the first DCEU movie that I wished they would've made longer.
    What does this movie get right? The chemistry between the Super Heroes make you feel like they've been together for many adventures. Sadly, Joss Whedon should've been the director of the DCEU at the start. The movie was very light-hearted (as you would expect from a Justice League Franchise) while keeping real-world dark elements within. The Flash is an instant hit and Ben Affleck delivered a flawless Batman. While the movie is "playing catch up" to the Marvel Franchise, this is definitely a step int he right direction. And now that we have the team, I really want to see a Wonder Woman-esque origin story for the rest of the team.

    Story/Plot wise 2.5 stars
    Entertainment wise 5 stars

    Once you get past the first 30 minutes of the movie that was clearly shot in classic Synder format, the movie takes a completely different tone and becomes something you'll want to watch and re-watch to see the subtle things you might've missed the first time. I can NOT wait for the extended BluRay to hit stores.

  3. This movie was really really good. TBH it's the best DCEU film by a long shot for me. The things I enjoyed FAR outweighs the stuff I didn't and seeing as how it was written, rewritten and reshot as much as it was it could have been a lot worse

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