Jason Momoa Answers Our Biggest Justice League WTF Question

Justice League introduces Aquaman’s history, and Jason Momoa sets the record straight on whether the character has ever been to Atlantis or not. 5 Biggest …

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  1. are you kidding me? thats the "biggest WTF question" you have after watching justice league? it is so pitifully simple, you could have asked that at the comic con reveal. leave the real interviews to actual reporters IGN.

  2. Went to the movie for Aquaman and Wonder Woman, left impressed by Cyborg and Flash. Out of all 6 characters, the Aquaman story was the most underwhelming and forgettable. They didn't write a good part for him at all. Hopefully, they'll redeem themselves next year.

  3. Jason Momao is actually mistaken if you have seen the movie, its painfully obvious he has been to atlantis b4. He says in the movie "Im sik of atlanteans telling me what to do" and he very clearly has been there before when he appears and talks to merra.

  4. Instead of screaming at random critics who don’t have any idea what there saying I’m gonna say justice league is a Great movie and you haters need to respect other people’s thoughts!!!!!

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