Insidious: The Last Key Review (2018)

Does the fourth entry in the Insidious series breathe new life into the franchise, or is it as dead as a doornail? Insidious: The Last Key – Trailer #1…

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  1. Jump Scares are never worth the price, i feel like jump scares are ONE of the reasons horror movies keep failing and just keep getting boring but im still gonna watch this because they always manage to create very interesting characters and hideous creatures

  2. Just watched it and it was… quite satisfying. There's a bit mystery to it and more dramatically satisfying than its' predecessor. The scares were clever and decent enough to make you jump out of your skin, though not as intense as the first two or even the Conjuring series. Still, a good horror movie…

  3. Review is wack. It tells the story it needs to and the reasons why it connects to the rest of them. I was invested and curious on what was going to happen during the whole film. I liked it. All you guys do is always bash films.

  4. this fault drop on director/editor.. story needs a good direction.. we went to see TMNT movies eventhough we know no-story put in it.. and we know that we just want to see something exploded.. ''pop-corn movies''…

  5. How the movies go in order: part 3 is actually part 1. Part 4 is part 2. Part 1 is part 3. Part 2 is part 4 because part 2 is where Elise dies right?

  6. I believe this is the correct and logical order that makes since:
    A.) Did she take cases as a kid? NO; it was after she ran away; shown in part 4.
    B.) Did she take Quinn's case when she was an adult? Yes; shown in part 3.
    C.) Was Dalton her last case alive? Yes – shown in part 1
    D.) Did she help fight for souls in the after life? Yes; shown in part 2.
    Therefore the timeline is: Part 4, Part 3, Part 1, then Part 2.

    I'm excited about the thrill of the movie. The writers are brilliant; psychologically. In the tunnel, to create in the audience, the belief that the ghost was behind the suitcase was done beautifully. The ghost breathing seemed to be further down the tunnel; she flashed her light down the tunnel, to enforce in the audiences mind that the ghost is definitely behind the pile of suitcases, then he pops out of the suit case! Brilliant psychological thriller. The girl in the bathroom turned out to be real!!! cold/twisted/plot and that was genius. The police station and interrogation rooms are naturally believe to be a place of safety, to the human mind, and at the part of the movie, it's common to let our guards down and sip some soda; so for the ghost to pop up in the interrogation room behind the detective was very clever. Oscar? hell yes.

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