Inside Out Review

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  1. I've seen the film and enjoyed it but I wouldn't call it the most amazing film of the year. It's fun but it drags on a lot near the middle with a lot of random stuff happening for no reason. It is still good though, would recommend 7.5/10

  2. I need to see this movie for myself. I'm a huge Pixar fan, and I must say I wasn't impressed with their last three films. Up was the last Pixar movie I truly enjoyed. They have a great concept with Inside Out, but I hope it's well executed. I also hope they have a trailer for The Good Dinosaur (which was supposed to come out last year). Pixar needs to get back on track. They're losing to Twinkie-shaped Raving Rabbids and desperate Dreamworks Animation movies at the moment.

  3. What is keeping it from a perfect score? Money. Sorry IGN, but if you cannot provide any cons what so ever than it is perfect. Not saying it is but it is what you yourselves are saying.

  4. It will without a doubt win best animated. Some fool on Instagram is claiming Minions will win, what a joke. For some reason I feel adults appreciate this movie more than its intended audience. 10/10 Not 9.5.

  5. Wow. Don't know what's so awesome about this movie. I thought I was gonna see a battle of emotions and feelings in different heads, what I ended up watching was a biased and uninspired set of 5 emotions (really? Only 5?) in one single head most of the time.

  6. "Lacking the sledgehammer teardrop attack" ?

    Did we even see the same movie? I cried way more in this then I did in UP, If UP is a sledgehammer, Inside Out is a freaking jackhammer, where UP, hits you with big emotional moments every now and then, Inside Out, hits you with great emotional moments throughout the movie.

    UP is a great movie, but besides the starting sequence which is masterful, there aren't as many emotional scenes, I can think of a few, When Russel talks about his dad and when Carl shows up for his medal ceremony and When Carl finds the extra pages in the adventure book and the house is shown on the falls.

    Inside out has dozens of scenes that will make even the most cold heartened beast cry candy.

  7. Honestly, while I think this was a great film, I don’t think it’s their best. I’d take any of the Toy Story and Nemo movies over Inside Out.

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