How To Treat Sleep Apnea Effectively

A – General Information

Sleep is a very important status that us normal people need. A good sleep has so many benefits for our overall health and body. As it helps to relax most parts of the body, calm our mind, release stress, rejuvenate our skin cells. If you ever notice, just one good sound sleep, you will find you as a whole different person with brighter skin and refreshed mind, being awake more than ever. Some people mind say it is the best state of meditation. Needless to say, sleep plays such important part for our health.

Hence, you can imagine what will happen if you find it is difficult to go to sleep, sleep apnea to be specific. This is the condition when there is uncontrolled stop during our sleep, which prevents us from a good night sleep. For some people, it can take a while to get back to sleep after such times, but for some others, it will be really difficult, even stay awake from that time to the morning. This is quite a common health issue, though that happen to most people, from the old to adult, men to women and children might stand less chances of getting sleep apnea.

There are many reasons leading to the state of sleep apnea: Bad habits namely drinking too much, smoking, playing video games for a long time. Office people who work 8 hours a day within moving hence blood cannot be transfer to our brain and most common one stress.

Sleep apnea is not like insomnia which you can not sleep a wink. You still can get to sleep at night but it is super annoying and irritating where you are awake in the middle of your sleep and find it difficult to get back to sleep. As a result, you will feel really tired and exhausted and cannot concentrate to do anything, which lower down your life quality.

B – How to treat sleep Apnea

Getting to know this health issue, it is better that you avoid these mentioned factors causing sleep apnea as there is a saying it is better preventing that treating. However, when you are suffering from sleep apnea, it is quite important and helpful that you find ways to get rid of this health issue. It is essential to visit doctor, however, if you do not have condition, you can just start taking some natural home remedies at home first. There are natural home remedies that are safe and effective yet costing you almost nothing.

  1. Chamomile Tea

The tea is super good for our sleep as it helps to calm the mind, to keep our mind quiet for a while instead of chattering in our head, making it super Difficult to get to sleep. Another benefit is that it helps our nerves to relax and rest after a long day at work and at school. You are recommended to drink chamomile tea throughout the day if you want to get rid of sleep apnea.

Here is how:

  • Wash carefully handful of dried chamomile flowers and leave them there while preparing a kettle of water to boil.

  • Boil water for 15 minutes then leave the tea to cool down.

  • Add one teaspoon honey to enhance the taste (honey is good for sleep).

  • Mix them well together, strain then consume one cup.

  • Refill water the second time consuming tea and drink the tea whole day.

Keep doing so for three times a weeks and soon you will have good night’s sleep.

2. Almond milk

Almond is such a nutritious ingredient that we normally make it as snack to consume. People who try clean eating will not miss this wonderful ingredient. As good as it is, it does help us to have good night’s sleep thanks to high concentration of good properties with no trans fat and rich in saturated fat. You are recommended to consume almond at night before going to bed, however, it will give the best result if you can make yourself a cup of almond milk. Drinking milk is wonderful tip that helps us gets to sleep easier. Almond milk is helpful especially for those who want to stay fit or loose weight as it has no trans fat.

Here is how to:

  • Crush few grams of almonds to get the powder.

  • Add few cups of water and condensed milk then boil the mixture for 15 minutes.

  • Strain the solution then leave it there to cool down then drink right after that.

  • One cup of almond milk per day will be really beneficial for our health and our mind, hence, sleep quality will be improved.

3. Honey

If you find almond milk is way too complicated and has so many steps, it is the time that you go for honey. This wonderful ingredient can fix almost health issue, ranging from chapped lips, dry skin, acne and now sleep apnea. It can easily help to calm your mind, de-stress, hence gets you to sleep easier. The tip is super simple as you only need to add few teaspoons honey into a cup of warm water then drink the mixture right before going to sleep.

4. Epsom Salt bath

Some of the main causes prevents you from sleep well is pain and swelling in certain parts of our body, hence, it is good that you can treat yourself little massage and spa time at home with epsom salt bath. This medical type of salt is helpful to help release pain, de-stress and then relax our whole body.

  • Add few tablespoons epsom salt bath into the bathtub.

  • Mix them well together then add few drops of favorite essential oil.

  • Have your body soaked in the mixture and gently massage the whole body.

  • By the time you finish massaging, you are good to rinse off body, pad it dry and get to sleep.

  • If you have time, it is highly recommended that you do this everyday to find good result.



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