How to overcome depression

Depression is not just a disease but it is the epidemic of present world. Although a lot of research, analysis and awareness is being done about depression.

Depression is not just a disease but it is the epidemic of the present world. Although a lot of research, analysis, and awareness is being done about depression. But the problem is gripping the world at a fast pace. The seriousness of effects to curb depression and loneliness in people by Govt. can be understood by the fact that the British Govt. has set up a ministry to ensure the mental health of their people.

Depression has a saddening effect on people and they lose the desire to be happy, creative or to live. The picture is wider and more horrifying than we imagine and the worst part is that the youth of the nation is losing his life to depression. They must be taught how to overcome depression as a part of their academic program.

Feeling sad or lonely is a common occurrence in our life as no one can stay happy and jovial all the time but when the sadness becomes a major part of your life and you find it hard to be happy then you need some help for coming out of this situation. Some people take medication for depression, however, counseling and self-healing are better options as they also help in boosting self-esteem and enthusiasm of life in the person.

The symptoms of depression vary from person to person. Some people are mildly unhappy and are suffering from situational depression while others are suicidal. You can measure the gravity of the situation by symptoms and the factors that make a man who he is. Some common symptoms of depression are

•Mood swings and the lack of happiness in nature. Some people are sad enough or suddenly turn violent on trivial issues.

•Decreased interest in doing anything. It includes routine functions like taking bath, cleaning a house or socializing.

•Lack of appetite or almost nil food intake, changes in sleeping habits is the most significant symptoms.

•Loss of energy, no desire for doing anything

•Prolonged depression and sadness are initial symptoms

•Suicidal thoughts and attempts of self-destruction are symptoms of extreme depression.

•Some mothers feel post patron depression where they are not able to care or enjoy a childhood of their kid. This is a temporary phase but can become fatal if not taken care of. Some time post patron depression can lead a mother to depression and suicidal thoughts.

Depression has serious effects not only on the person but also on his family. This is a problem that must be cured as soon as possible as many lives are on a stake if they have a patient of depression in the family.

How to cure depression
Depression can be cured if the problem is diagnosed on time. There are several methods of curing depression and some of them are mentioned below-

Medication- many experts believe that depression is caused by some chemical disturbance in mind and proper medication is required to cure it. A lot of research is done with antidepressant medicines. They are effective in many cases and a patient has to take a course of three to six months.

These medicines rebalance the chemicals of mind and prevent negative thought from coming in mind.

Counseling therapy- they are the most effective method of treating depression so far. With the counseling session, the patient is made to feel happy and satisfied with his life and the root cause of depression is removed from his life.

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