How To Get Rid Of A Chalazion Fast At Home

The chalazion is the condition of the eyelid swollen, making patients feel extremely uncomfortable. See some tips on how to get rid of a chalazion fast at home below.

A chalazion can occur at any age, any time of the year, bringing unpleasant feelings to the patients. If you do not know how to get rid of a chalazion naturally at home, never skip our article. Here, we will help you understand what a chalazion is as well as give you some simple but effective home remedies for chalazion. Keep reading and find out!

Chalazion: causes and symptoms

Chalazion actually, is a chronic granuloma, formed by blockage of the sebaceous glands of the eyelid (meibomian glands). The sebum then accumulates, causing inflammation and red lumps in the eyelid.

There are two types chalazion: chalazion on the outside and inside of the eyelid. Chalazion on the outside is easy to see, looks like a small red lump. In contrast, chalazion on the inside is often difficult to see and detect because it lies deep in the conjunctiva; you have to turn the eyelid outward to see it.

To know how to get rid of a chalazion, firstly, you must be aware of some symptoms of it. The most common sign of a chalazion is the appearance of swollen bumps on the eyelid, which can heal itself for a while. Although chalazion is not painful, it makes you shed tears continuously, reduce vision or even loss of vision in severe cases.

Difference between chalazion and stye

People are often confused between chalazion and stye because they all are swollen lumps on the eyelid. However, chalazion and stye are completely different.

The stye is an acute inflammation due to staph or staphylococcus bacteria infection, forming swollen, red bump on the eyelid. Chalazion also has the same symptom but, the sty is painful while chalazion is not. If you have the correct treatment, both chalazion and stye can be self-healing after 2 – 3 days.

How to get rid of a chalazion

About how to get rid of a chalazion, here are some useful home remedies that you can consult:

Hot compress

Hot compress with flat chopstick: You heat the flat chopstick until it is warm enough. Wrap a clean cloth around the chopstick to avoid burn due to overheating and then, apply it to the chalazion area. Repeat 2 – 3 times per day, chalazion will quickly disappear.

Hot compress with a cotton towel: Dip the towel into warm water and apply it on your eyes for 5 – 10 minutes, 3 – 4 times per day. To chalazion quickly go away, you also can use warm diluted salt solution instead of warm water. You should let chalazion break itself; absolutely do not squeeze them.

How to get rid of a chalazion with betel leaves

Betel leaves have strong antibacterial and antibiotic properties, so they have long been the popular natural remedy for many diseases, including chalazion. You only need to wash 3 – 4 betel leaves and then, put them directly (or also can mince them) into hot water to steam. Repeat 2 – 3 times a day, your eyes will quickly recover.


Crush the garlic, squeeze the juice and apply garlic juice to the affected area. Because garlic is very good antibacterial, it will help you to treat chalazion effectively. Because the skin area around your eyes is very fragile and sensitive, can be burned by garlic juice, you should dilute with water before applying to your eyes.

Guava leaves 

Guava leaf is also a useful tip on how to get rid of a chalazion. Take 2 -3 guava leaves, grind them and put on your eyelid. Leave for 15 – 20 minutes and then, rinse with warm water. Apply 2 -3 times per day until the chalazion disappears.

Used tea bag

Use the used tea bags to apply to your eyes 3 – 4 times per day. It is the best to keep the tea bag hot during applying. If it is cold, you can soak in hot water.

Aloe Vera

About how to get rid of a chalazion with aloe vera, you only need to take the gel inside the aloe vera leaf and apply directly to the eyelid for 15 minutes. Repeat 3 times per day for at least 5 days.

Some notices while treating a chalazion at home

To answer the question “how to get rid of a chalazion at home,” there are many simple ways that we have listed above. However, no matter how you do, you also need to pay attention to some following notices:

  • When the red bumps occur on the eyelid, you should not use the towel to run into that area as well as avoid touching them to prevent infection.

  • You should take a clean cloth, dip into warm water and apply it to the eyelid for 15 minutes. Do the remedy 3 times/day in the morning, afternoon and before going to bed.

  • Use eye drops as prescribed by the doctor

  • If you are suffered from chalazion many times, your Meibomian gland may be blocked due to excessive sebaceous secretion. You can consider surgery to avoid infection and getting a chalazion again

  • A chalazion can heal itself, but it can also be the symptom of basal cell carcinoma or adenocarcinoma. So, if a chalazion does not relieve after 2 weeks, you should go to see the doctor to detect and treat in time.

The chalazion is not a dangerous disease, but if not properly treated, it can cause serious complications. These above tips on how to get rid of a chalazion with natural remedies are useful in most cases. After applying all the treatments but the chalazion still gets more severe, it is necessary to see the doctor to be diagnosed accurately.




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