How to Avoid Door Dings and Dents When Parking

Does your car often get dings and dents? Whether your drive on the plain road or off-road excursions, your vehicle is at the danger for damage.

Even though some incidents just can’t be prevented, and you might have been driving on the highway when a small rock hits the car. For sure, dings & dents cannot be predicted, but if you take few simple steps, it can go a long way to helping keep your vehicle dent free. So let’s dive in;

End Spot/No Curb

Having the end spot without a curb. This is important because you don’t have a physical barrier that’s stopping you from going past your parking spot line. So with the end spot that has no curb, you can get your wheels right on the line, and this is going to give you the maximum amount of space. Consequently, the car next to you has a less chance of dinging in your car. 

In case you want to be a little bit more daring, park over that line by maybe a foot, and that should give you plenty of room. Precisely, go for the end spots were no curbs whether you’re parking closed to cars or away from cars, an end spot with no curb is your best type of parking spot. Experts highly recommend going for that one. 

Parallel Parking

In case you can’t find the end spot without a curb, look for parallel parking. In parallel parking, you do have the chance of a car in front or behind bumping into your car. But, the chances of that is much less than the chance of someone dinging in your car. If you are going to parallel park, definitely work at your these skills because you don’t want to curb your wheels or bump into the car behind or in front of you.

Away From Others

The next most ideal spot is to find a place away from others. Now finding a parking spot away from others is an excellent way to make sure no one parks next to you. This way, you can find a spot out, and you’ll be just out there by yourself. In short, there’s isn’t a chance for someone hitting your car. 

But what you mostly get it experience when you come back to the car is another car parked right next to yours despite the person having so many other parking spots to choose from. So that’s why away from others isn’t the top recommendation, but it’s a comparatively safer option to get along with. 

End Spot with Curb

In case you happen to park close to people, you can look for an end spot that has a curb. Well, that may not be as good as end spot without a curb. However, an end spot with the curb is still better than parking in a normal parking spot because you can only have 1-person Park on your side. May odds ever be in your favor! But if you still get a dent due to wrong parking or some mishap, you should take your car for the car dent repair Dubai right away.


Do you want to learn more about how to avoid door dings and dents while parking? Just check out the article now. 

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