How laser eye surgery has advanced in recent years

“The past two decades brought remarkable development in LASIK technology”

Healthcare solution or perhaps a procedure combining the factors of safety, precision, affordability and customisation sounds amazing! And you can actually experience all this in LASIK eye surgery with previous doubts dissolving as more and more specimen supporting optimal outcome of the procedure. Besides the usual patients, law enforcement officers, athletes and even military personnel benefit from LASIK while bidding farewell to the eyeglasses and contact lenses.

More or less 94% patients with a prescription of approximately -7 or higher achieved 20/20 vision post LASIK in Abu Dhabi. That said, the laser procedure witnessed significant transformation over the years making it far safer, quicker and more affordable. Have a look at the timeline defining improvement in laser technology used for eye care.

The original LASIK

A normal human cornea have thickness ranging between 500 and 600 micrometres on which surgical procedure is performed using a precision instrument “microkeratome” that contains an oscillating blade. The blade is as thin as a human hair that’s able to precisely create a corneal flap between 80 and 200 micrometres thick which is folded after which laser is beamed for vision correction. The original laser technique was approved by the FDA back in 1999 and known as the excimer.

The current practices

With time, advance technology also revolutionised the LASIK surgeries by introducing the femtosecond laser. Research has concluded that this particular laser is able to create a more accurate corneal flap of just the right thickness which significantly reduced risk of corneal abrasions as well as post-LASIK astigmatism. 

A surgeon also has more options over creating the flap size, shape and orientation depending on individual’s specific eye structure and corneal thickness which allows for a more customised and precise procedure. In addition, latest laser technology renders to faster healing time since flap edges are far smoother in comparison to the previous surgical procedure.

In 2002, coming of wavefront technology took LASIK a step ahead which complements to custom mapping of a patient’s cornea before beaming corrective laser. Like a human fingerprint, cornea is also unique whereas the wavefront technology further complements to LASIK in Dubai based on particular corneal attributes. The treatment can indeed improve vision as compared to wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Wavefront procedure itself is categorised in two types namely guided and optimised wavefront, both promising excellent result. Most of the LASIK procedures are performed through wavefront as well as femtosecond for absolute perfect for flap creation.

LASIK candidates & possible treatments

The femtosecond laser tech has widened the number of patients eligible for the procedure. Even individuals with thinner corneas who were previously ineligible for LASIK can now have their vision treated with laser which is able to create a flap accordingly. The final results are high patient satisfaction and significant vision improvement even among the patients with higher myopic prescriptions.


Laser technology combined with surgeon’s expertise contributes to the final results of vision improvement which means one should carefully choose the doctor and facility.

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