Hidden Gems of the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a remarkably famous region that is known in almost every corner of the globe but there are still a handful of the area’s beautiful treasure...

The Caribbean is a remarkably famous region that is known in almost every corner of the globe but there are still a handful of the area’s beautiful treasures that have surprisingly managed to slip under the radar. On that note, here’s a look at some of those little-known Caribbean places that are worth every mile.

Iles des Saintes

Loosely translated to mean ‘Island of Saints’, the Iles des Saintes are a gorgeous assembly of land masses hidden between Marie-Galante and Terre-de-Haut. They form an alluring paradise dotted with sleek cafés serving up native delights fashioned in the image of the ancient French colony.

Turks & Caicos

Serving up a master class in beach topography, the Turks & Caicos are home to scintillating beaches with flawless white sand and graceful, azure waters. More specifically, Providenciales’ Grace Bay Beach is by far the most popular of the area and houses the most elegant accommodations.


Yet another island of the Caribbean famous for its astonishingly clear waters and beautiful coral reefs, this land is characterized by its traditionally-forged boats that trace their creation back to 18th-century craftsmanship. And speaking of history, the Carriacou museum is a fine establishment that displays the rich heritage that borrows a leaf from the British, African and French cultures.

The French Antilles

This flawless group of four islands christened the ‘French Antilles’ is also another enchanting stop that should rightfully earn a place on your itinerary for sailing Caribbean waters. The quartet not only provides beguiling beaches but also offers a blend of sumptuous cuisine and exotic drinks and is also swarming with all sorts of water sports from snorkeling to kayaking.


If you are familiar with the 1993-blockbuster ‘King Kong’, then Saba is the land mass dubbed ‘Skull Island’ which is home to the giant gorilla of the film. The island is covered in amazing Caribbean gingerbread designed native architecture thanks to a law that strictly prohibits any out-of-line constructions. Moreover, the island is filled with numerous intriguing folklores whose numbers are only rivaled by the amount of forest vegetation that engulfs the Island christened ‘Rock’ in ancient Indian.

Salt Cay

Located adjacent to the Turks & Caicos islands, Salt Cay is a small haven that deviates from the Caribbean theme. It is still surrounded by endless stretches of beautiful shores and sea however it is much more subtle and tranquil in persona. With few structures in sight and a unique landscape with a handful of priceless masonry, the island that time forgot will be one that you’ll never forget.


It is with good reason that Grenada has been dubbed ‘The spice of the Caribbean’ as this striking island country rubs shoulders with the high and mighty in the world when it comes to the production of Nutmeg and Mace crops. The Grand Anse Beach of Grenada is a particularly endearing stretch of Grenada that makes for a more secluded and relaxed setting. Another significant feature in the region would undoubtedly be the mesmerizing falls of Annandale.

Lesser Antilles

Last, but by no means least, are the smaller islands that make up the cousin islands to the French Antilles. The word ‘lesser’ might feature in their title but these islands are just as exemplary as all the others despite their small sizes. Aruba, Antigua and Barbuda, and, the famous Virgin Islands are examples of the land masses in this chain that offer breathtaking sceneries alongside world-class resorts.

There you have it folks, the hidden gems of the Caribbean that you should definitely consider visiting on your next vacation.

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