Here’s Why Mario Tennis Stinks – The Final Bosman

Ultra Smash is Ultra Filler and Kyle uses this opportunity to preach the greatness of video game progressions.

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  1. Can we just all say that Nintendo 2015 was the worst. Cause star fox and BOTW were pushed back and #FE, fire emblem fates, and paper jam were too for other places like North America. Besides Mario maker, yoshis wooly world, xenoblade chrinicles x, and splatoon and I guess tri force heroes and animal crossing HHD. But we got amiibo festival, ultra smash, zip lash, and Mario party 10. We also got mediocre games like rainbow curse and code name steam. Here's to hoping the switch has a better fourth year than the Wii U did

  2. Every single action adventure game got a little rpg progression system nowadays, I don't think we can leave without it anymore, even COD and BF have a level system in online

  3. What do you think of FireRed and LeafGreen, in comparison to the originals?

    In terms of progression, yes, I think that Red and Blue were EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE. However, playing them after all these years, the combat system is BEYOND broken.

  4. how fucking dare you shit on gold and silver because "your mom calls you sometimes and thats gay"

    literally fuck you that game has twice the content and features of red/blue with none of the sacraficed challenge/style/playability. its objectively better than red and blue and the best gen in the entire series

  5. ughh and he's still wrong about Pokemon yea Red and Blue story is simple great. BUT the gameplay progresses with every game. And Paper Jam got good reviews.. I love u man but get ur facts checked.

  6. It's ironic how this backfired a bit, where Paper Jam got pretty good reviews across the board and is an incredibly great game.

    (Ultra Trash is still absolutely despicable though.)

  7. Great video bosman, i couldnt agree more at how dissapointed at Tennis Ultra i was.

    The Mario and Luigi games are great RPG's though, Paper Jam has already proven its worth, despite its setting and story being simple the gameplay and dialogue is easily top tier in the series.
    Though you wouldnt be wrong with people giving it a low review because it doesnt have cameo references

  8. You know what sucks about Mario Tennis? The developer is Camelot Software Planning. You know, the guys who made the Golden Sun games. What in the actual fuck are they doing working on some shitty tennis games?!

    So you brought up this spike in the Pokemon games right? How you start as a ten year old and suddenly you're the hero who has to stop the world destruction. Right, so you must really hate the The Legend of Zelda games. In every game, you start as a regular boy and suddenly you turn into the hero who has to stop the world destruction. Okay…

  9. you are right about everything except paper jam. that seems like a good game, and the mario and luigi franchise deserves some credit.

    although, granted, the mario tennis franchise deserved credit up until just now.

  10. What you witnessed there was a company that was about to do something interesting new and genuinely human with their character… and then they realized that if they showed Lara has weaknesses they would become the next excuse for the perpetually offended to scream "MISOGYNY!" and give Sarkesian a chance to smear them for 20 minutes in her next 21 minute video. Backlash wasn't going to be worth it so they scrapped real character development and came up with as plausible sounding cover story as they could.

    People still saying these SJW whiners aren't effecting anything? What needs to happen before they'll stop saying it, a meeting at the U.N.? Oh… wait.

  11. there all really only 3 Pokemon games that have "only you can save the world in them" and Pokemon is not about getting betting gyms it about the times you have with the Pokemon when your on 1 hp and you beat the champion a yea and paper jam there not one bad Mario RPG name on "bosman" there may be meh but meh is not bad a and google said's you last name is not a name and you don't want change but you want games to change? wow just wow to dis proved the point of your video in one line

  12. But in Gold and Silver the legendaries have nothing to do with the story, they're just optional captures, the whole world saving thing only starts in the third games. also G/S are my fav sequels of any games due to not only being able to visit the region from R/B/Y three years later and see how everyones been doing but also the final boss being you from the first game. idk I think that's progression.

  13. The Mario Baseball game for the GC had no season mode. I took it back to the store.

    Even the NES baseball games had good season modes. that game was an abomination to baseball fans.

  14. You didn't save the world in actual second generation Pokemon. In the remakes, sure. But the originals? Nope. It felt much more like something that just happened. And you didn't have to go after the Legendary Pokemon. All that consisted of was a scene where you saw Entei, Raikou, and Suicune in a house before they ran off (with the exception of Suicune whom you had to spot a few more times before it ran off). You didn't have to get Lugia or Ho-Oh (and, gosh darn it, finding Lugia was freaking impossible in those practically monochrome screens.) And that's why I like Gen 2 more than the rest. It fixed a lot of the stuff that was wrong with Gen 1, added enough Pokemon to make the pokedex feel full, added a ton of awesome new game concepts, and felt like an adventure.

  15. Totally with in regards to the Tomb Raider trailer. I thought it would have been interesting is Laura had PTSD and was even kind of an adrenaline junkie and that's why she keeps going back out and exploring tombs etc. along with maybe even putting people she cares about in danger. She would be flawed, but people are flawed and it would have been way more interesting.

  16. There is a big problem with your argument about Pokémon. Not every character you play as in the games are 10. Ash Ketchum is 10, but even Red was about 12. The characters in Black and White were 15 or 16.

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