Funda Curry | Kaun Banega Chillampati – Marijuana Special

BigB has decided to create a special episode on Marijuana to create some understanding around it and Bunty happens to be the lucky contestant. Let’s see how much Ganja is Bunty going to bag…
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  1. बस मैंने यहाँ यह रहस्य पाया है कि पैसा ही सब कुछ नहीहैं
    मानव मूल की असली कीमत उसकी _नैतिकता, व्यवहार, मेलजोल का तरीका, सुल्ह-रहमी, सहानुभूति और भाईचारा है_। ना कि उसकी मोजुदा शक्ल और सूरत … !!!

  2. Bhai baki sab mazak apni jagah, lekin jo epilepsy waali baat thi uske liye kuch toh krna chahiye! (Atleast india should regulate marijuana for it's medicinal purposes or generate a controlled market just to provide that 75-85% people suffering from epilepsy who don't have any access to pharmacy or can't afford high cost medicines)

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