Five Benefits of Using Anti-pollution Mask

Great city, greater pollution! Nowadays if you are living in a big city, you are most likely to soak pollutions in many forms such as- car fumes, star dust, industrial stacks. According to the World Health Organization, every year some seven million people die due to air pollution only. So, if you don’t want to find your name on that list, wear an anti-pollution mask. It has great health benefits such as – purified breathing, keeping your heart and lung free from dust and so on.


It is extremely necessary to realize the consequence of pollutions to better understand the benefits of using an anti-pollution mask.  Different pollutions might cause a wide range of health complications. It might include respiratory diseases, lung cancer, triggering stroke, heart diseases, and asthma and can harm our immune system as well. Some of the most horrific pollutions are caused due to carbon dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide and some particles which are so small that can easily enter deep in our lung affecting our respiratory system.


Although anti-pollution masks are not perfect, they can easily assist you to lead a healthier life. It has numerous health benefits. Wearing a proper anti-pollution mask would certainly help you to fight against various pollutions with great efficiency. Here are five of the most beneficial issues of wearing an anti-pollution mask:


  1. Many studies show that wearing an anti-pollution mask effectively reduces the impact of air pollution on blood pressure (BP) and heart rate. It filters the larger pollutant particles and prevents dust and smaller particles to get inhaled. As our blood gets the fresh air through the anti-pollution mask, it becomes easier for our heart to take in the fresh oxygen and work with less pressure to pump out the blood.
  2. The anti-pollution mask helps to keep our immune system in order. A weakened immune system causes infliction of diseases easily and falling us to the bed. If you wear a suitable mask, it would prevent carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and small dust to enter in our respiratory system. Thus, it would eventually stop these particles to get diluted with our immune system and weakening it. So, it is beneficiary for our immune system too weak an anti-pollution mask.
  3. In recent times, asthma has been increasing rapidly among city peddlers and cyclist roaming around the roads of the large metropolitan areas. This is happening due to the inhalation of dust, small particles and smog flying in our environment. Mask helps the peddlers and cyclist to keep these components away from them and thus helping their respiratory system to keep fit. As dust can’t enter into the respiratory system, so the effect and chances of asthma attack get lessened. However, asthma affected people are advised to keep their inhaler with them.
  1. Particles like lead, carbon monoxide, ozone floating around us in the air are the major causes of blood cancer. Even when we are in vehicles with the air-conditioned facility, they exhale Benzine that causes leucoma, brain cancer, and allergies too. Wearing an anti-pollution mask helps to fight against these acute and life-taking diseases with greater efficiency.
  2. Wearing a mask helps to reduce blood pressure and heartbeat rate considerably. According to a recent study in China, wearing a particle-filtering mask helps greatly to reduce the short-term and long-term exposure effects of blood and heart vessels to urban pollutions. According to an European standard research, wearing an anti-pollution mask lessens the chances of attacking of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases too by 40%.


According to various medical report, smaller particles which are smaller than 2.5 microns causes greater health issues for people roaming around in the big metropolitan cities. To reduce the chance of inhaling these smaller particles through breathing, there is obviously no alternative to wearing a mask. Besides, recently masks are designed to be a part of fashion. So, it will also serve the purpose of being a fashion icon as well as health conscious.


Pollution is increasing with every second. It is hard to fight against it in a short time, so for our health issue; the benefit of using an anti-pollution mask is of absolute importance which we can’t simply deny.

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VidLyf Blog is the next generation news portal featuring Latest News, Updates from Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Business, World Politics, Fashion, Lifestyle, Health, etc. Stay Updated, Stay Ahead!

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