Final Bets PSX & The Game Awards 2015 Results

The awards have been handed out, the PlayStations have been experienced, and now it’s time to tally the sweet, sweet bets.

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  1. I hate to do it to you Huber, but there is no WAY The Moonlight Sonata could be called a video game song. Personally I'd still love to hear it, but if we're going strictly by 'Kyle's Laws,' then no, absolutely not a video game song, and hence, a bit of a cop-out; but then again, if Kyle's dog joke-stravaganza wasn't the ultimate cop-out of the millennium, I don't know what is–so have at it if ya want! That's what Kyle gets for putting us through that, haha [even though it was technically all Huber's fault to begin with. That's just an insane thing to have someone try to do. An entire hour? Original material? In-sane, Huber, come on].

  2. Moonlight Sonata is NOT a video game song.

    I expected more from you Huber. You went hard at Bossman with the full-play stream, but you want Moonlight Sonata?!


  3. No. Moonlight Sonata obviously isn't a video game song. Pick music written specifically for a game. I don't think the point of the bet was to play a few pieces of classical music, even if they were featured in a game.

    Also, the "song" bit is kind of a problem… Songs have vocals/lyrics, so taking that literally would drastically limit the selection.

  4. If you wanted to limit Huber, you should have said "original video game music." Technically, Moonlight Sonata is a piece in a video game (also heavily featured in Eternal Sonata, btw, which is the best Chopin fever death dream RPG ever), so I say give Huber the go ahead. A bit of a cop out, but you can't fault him for thinking outside of the box.

  5. Moonlight Sonata is WITHIN the game AND on the Biohazard Original Sound Remix OST. Because it is there I would say Moonlight Sonata is acceptable….plus its a beautiful song.

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