EA Claims Mystery IP Breaks New Ground – IGN Daily Fix

EA says Jade Raymond’s Action IP has never before seen gameplay, Disney shuts down Marvel Heroes and Deadpool brings a cheeky, adult teaser. EA’s Talks …

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  1. Iโ€™ve actually heard about this game and itโ€™s quite revolutionary! Basically the game has a single player campaign, multiplayer, a horde like mode and an arcade mode. I know what your thinking. Hasnโ€™t this all been done before? Yes but the thing that makes this revolutionary is that they are all locked behind loot crates and you have to unlock them in the crates! So when you first buy this $80 game you only start off with a few loot crates to try and unlock each mode. They did this because they want you to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when you unlock one of the core game modes! This game is revolutionary in many aspects! I canโ€™t wait to go bankrupt when this comes out!

  2. The game is called Larry the lootbox.the aim of the game is to save his girlfriend Chrissy the lootcrate.she has been kidnapped by the evil mike crow transaction.he has hidden her in a random loot chest and you have to buy power gems (with real money.but you get a free daily box that will definitely not have her in)to open as many as you can in a bid to save her.can your bank account/savings save her?????

  3. How I can tell the difference between the previous presenter and the new hopefully daily fixer is she unlike the last hostess doesn't lean forward then mini jump up oh joy something new.

  4. Fiscal years once more.
    Unsure why we have to hear about this in a games news roundup.
    Can't we just talk about art and stories?
    Killing fun with finance is what these idiots are doing.
    EA never changes…

  5. I like Assassin's Creed and an AC-like game could be pretty cool but it's EA, it'll never be cool. Though you could probably say same thing about Ubisoft. I'm trying to picture AC with lootboxes. But you could also just say the whole helix credits thing from the AC games.

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