Why should E-Commerce Businesses offer 24/7 Customer Support?

With the help of this blog, we have discussed that how rendering 24/7 customer service can help e-commerce businesses in numerous ways.

Those days are gone when offering support service till business hours was enough to keep customers happy. This is so because customers nowadays can approach the company at any time regarding the solution of queries. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to offer 24/7 assistance for the sake of a business’s reputation.

Apart from the business’s brand image, rendering quality support service round-the-clock can help to increase the sales growth. If industry reports are anything to go by, 62% of customers prefer to do more business with the company after getting swift resolutions at the time of need.

Generally, e-commerce businesses believe that providing immaculate live chat support service is enough to win customers’ hearts. However, this factor isn’t 100% correct because customers cannot be forced to choose one particular support medium for getting the resolution of product–related issues. Hence, it is paramount to offer top-notch solutions on all support channels.

But managing support requests 24/7 on all customer service mediums is nothing less than an arduous task, and that’s why e-commerce business owners take the help of call centres outsourcing companies.

Do you want to know why e-commerce businesses should offer 24/7 customer support? Go through the following mentioned pointers:

  • Customers don’t like to wait

For business growth, it is extremely important to keep customers happy regarding the quality of products and services. Offering first-class support service is paramount for the business’s overall health because customers often expect the company to offer impeccable solutions in an hour of need.

However, when customers don’t get desired resolutions at the time of need, they are more likely to leave the brand. This can take the business towards the downfall. In a nutshell, keeping customers waiting for satisfactory solutions simply means putting business’s productivity in jeopardy.

Therefore, if you are an owner of an e-commerce business and willing to ensure a long-term relationship with your customers, offer unmatched support service 24/7. Seems difficult? You should take the help of well-known call centres outsourcing companies.

  • Repeat Business

To maintain the momentum of ongoing success, it is significant to ensure that customers buy products from time to time. For this, it is vitally important to keep customers satisfied with the brand. Here, offering 24/7 customer service could be proved as a wise decision for e-commerce business owners.

This is so because when customers get prodigious solutions of their queries instantly, they are more likely to buy products from the company, which consequently, leads to repeat business. Furthermore, there is a high possibility that happy customers can turn into brand advocates, which, in turn, result in better customer acquisition.

Hence, if you want to open the door of success, be available 24/7 for customers and offer unparalleled support service. Or simply avail BPO services from a reputed vendor for the same reason.

  • Prevent employee turnover 

Are you wondering how rendering 24/7 support service can keep the hassle of employee turnover at bay? We would like to inform you that employees always want to work with that company which makes them feel proud.

This factor cannot be taken lightly because whenever the company lets customers struggle with product-related issues, this makes a negative impact on the employees, which directly leads to the problem of high turnover.

If you aren’t offering stupendous customer service 24*7*365 because you are worried about the budget, you should avail call centres outsourcing services from a reputed vendor as that’s the best way to keep business’s bottom line secured.

  • Increased CLV  

The major benefit of delivering marvellous customer service 24/7 is high CLV (customer lifetime value). This factor is worthy to get attention because whenever CLV increases, it boosts business longevity.

As per the recent surveys, satisfied customers increase the revenue levels of the company up to 58%. This factor should be enough to understand that why keeping the CSAT (customer satisfaction) score high is important for the business’s productivity.

However, increasing CLV isn’t an easy task to accomplish because it is vital to match customers’ expectations during support service interaction. In addition to this, if the company fails to deliver splendid support experience, there is a high possibility that customers may switch to another brand, which indirectly affects the CLV and business’s profitability.

Final few words:  

Nowadays, it is believed that the fate of any business depends on the happiness of customers. It is so because if customers are happy, they are more likely to stick around the brand. On the flip side, if customers are discontented, there is nothing that the company can do to stop them to leave.

With the help of this blog, we have discussed that how rendering 24/7 customer service can help e-commerce businesses in numerous ways.

Thanks for staying with us!!

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