How To Dry Out A Wet iPhone?

So, you have gotten your beloved iPhone wet by dropping it in water and now you don’t know how to fix it. Don’t worry! I am here to give you a few emergency tips on how to possibly get it up and running again. The best ever solution to save a water damaged iPhone is to take it to a trustworthy iPhone repair shop. 

Yeah, it happens. Your kids threw your iPhone in the toilet or maybe you dropped it, or had a swim with it on a pool party, or simply let it enjoy a spin in your washing machine. No matter, it’s in there. I can relate to how you feel when you just found out your iPhone experienced water damage. Shock, anger, sadness, and disbelief considering the amount you’ll have to say goodbye to your most beloved handset because you think it has been damaged beyond repair. Hence, it is not true, it does not mean that it’s over and done- a water damaged iPhone can be repaired to bring your phone back to life. 

How To Rescue an iPhone When Damaged By Water?

Undoubtedly, getting the Mobile repair service is the ultimate solution for a water damaged iPhone, but did you know the scenario gets worse when you don’t arrange any first-aid for your wet iPhone. You can rescue it when you act quickly. There are many things you can do immediately to rescue your iPhone when it gets wet with water. This will prevent your iPhone from getting any further damage. It also depends on the amount of water that is soaked on your phone. No matter what the factors are, you can save its life by performing these simple tips and trick.

Here’s the List of What to Do with a Wet iPhone!

  • If your iPhone is Power On after getting wet, please Power it OFF and if it is not ON then DO NOT power the wet phone ON until it is completely dry. The worst thing you can do with a wet iPhone is to Turn it ON before it becomes dry thoroughly. 
  • Never plug it into a power source. (it can completely kill it)
  • Remove the battery and don’t keep it back until the phone desiccates. 
  • Remove the case or back cover if you have any.
  • Pop out the SIM card Casing with a paperclip or the tool that came with your iPhone and take out your SIM card. 

Now Let Your Phone Dry- Here’s how you can do it!

  • Take a paper towel and wipe your wet iPhone dry as good as you can. 
  • Then, slightly shake it out so that big water drops from the device. 
  • If you have a blow dryer, turn it ON on low speed and dry all parts of your iPhone including SIM slot, headphone jack, and the dock connection. Well, don’t turn your phone on yet!
  • Another option you can try to dry your wet iPhone is that you can put it in a bowl full of uncooked rice. Be sure the phone is submerged in the rice. Leave it for 24 hours, it will remove all moisture from your phone.

These are not ultimate solutions but certainly, give you one chance to rescue your precious iPhone. So you should try them. After performing these tricks, if you think the dampness is adequately gone, you can replace the battery back in its place and put the SIM card on the slot and then Turn it ON. If your phone powers up and starts working to its normal condition, then it means you are saved to be a serious victim of water damaged iPhone. 

Conversely, if with a bad luck your iPhone does not back to its full working order then it’s better to take it to a reputable mobile repair shop. You can go to a nearby Apple Store but it can be an expensive option because water damage is not covered by the Apple’s Standard warranty. Therefore, it is advised you can go online and browse the top-rated mobile phone repair shops. 

These days, there are a large number of phone repair shops offering the quickest and cheapest iPhone repair services for broken or water damaged iPhones. Their qualified technicians can diagnose your device completely and then apply a suitable solution to fix the issue.

I agree only a mobile repair shop can save your water-damaged iPhone, nevertheless, now the question is that how you can search for a reliable one.  

Here’s How You Can Find Out A Right Online Repair Shop!

Never choose the first one; always try to look for various and compare them to choose from. There are some different factors that need to be considered while looking for an online iPhone repair shop, which are as follows: 

  • Browse only certified shops that are approved by some popular mobile phone manufacturers. 
  • Check out their expertise and track record, and also confirm they are offering your required repair service. 
  • Read out their previous customers’ reviews on the site. 
  • Check if the mobile phone repairs are covered by warranty. 
  • Make sure only original or highest-quality replacement parts are used to fix the device. 
  • Inquire about the repair cost and ensure there are no hidden charges.
  • Also, ask the turnaround time.
  • If you don’t want to visit the location, make sure they are offering in-house or mail-in services for their customers. 

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