Doom Official Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

The FPS is out now on the hybrid system. Watch more trailers here!

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  1. that will be zero sales. they can only improve with good adult fps exclusives. Today Doom is more about commercials about it, than the actual game. people still enjoys counterstrike or that new PlayerUnkownBattleground. there's really no need to buy a 300 euros console and a 60 euro game that's almost 2 years old and anybody interested in it has already played it. There's no point for Nintendo to be likeable for PC owners, their commercial politic can't compete with free-to-play games, they have to go in another direction.

  2. I really don't understand how people can make excuses for bad looking games on switch given how many great looking games are on it alreadywhen stuff like this is on your console why do u let your store be populated with trash mobile ports

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