Destiny 2: Mercury Exploration, Public Events, and Strike Preview

Our impressions of the Mercury destination and the strikes, public event and exploration that takes place there. Destiny 2: The Curse of Osiris Story Feels A Little …

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  1. I must just accept defeat and move on, Im done, boring tedious same old same old, reskin plain mechanics.. They just cant move away from boring me to tears. So long beautiful people that continue to support this even tho they dont deserve your support. Peace

  2. As a long time Warframe gamer I say this to Destiny players. Give your loyality, time and money to a developer that deserves it! Join our community. Warframe is not perfect and doesn't explain itself very well to new players but our community is not toxic and will help you if you ask (in game chat). Warframe has 5 years of content just waiting for you and it's all free if you want it to be! I've started a channel to help new players start out in Warframe check it out!

  3. U can trow 1k weopons in this game , it will not make it more fun 2 play. must admit the shell looks good but its all empty inside, gredz 4 the art. but the gameplay team……. its soooo boring, now ull get 2 chests as reward, but the same shitty stuff to progrress. 1+ light(power) gear over the other shitty gear, sooo dull…… tokens……

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