Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Opening Cinematic

Meet Osiris and Sagira his Ghost as they traverse the infinite forest where they hope to manipulate reality. Watch the Curse of Osiris trailer here!

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  1. Would be nice if he didn't just do a DLC and then be nothing. He should have you do something. Maybe they create a new system where you do a raid that's been out before, but a fireteam of three. Osiris, you and another guardian. Osiris will become a moving NPC that can help you.

  2. see now i like this ghost waaaay better than mines, instead of speaking for osiris she's speaking with him (actual dialogue), she's actually useful by giving him call outs and moving the enemies weapons away from their targets. This is what it should have been like between our gaurdian and ghost. Instead we get a mute, charade loving gaurdian

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