Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Live Stream: Infinite Forest Gameplay

Bungie plays through the new infinite forest game mode during their second Curse of Osiris live stream. Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Opening Cinematic: …

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  1. Before D2 launched in September, we all knew that Bungie definitely would have screwed something up… But the entire game? Pve = Bad, Pvp = Bad… Build and improve on what you have, not delete and start again… Yes of course there's some good stuff but D2 is a solid, 4/10.

  2. so this is supposed to be the dark future where the vex have won, but the fallen look exactly the same, have not evolved at all, and for some reason are just chilling on floating platforms not doing anything? where are the immersive environments? i would picture the fallen living as guerilla fighters in a future where the vex have taken over everything not just hanging out in the open waiting for a massive planet full of vex to come annihilate them. plus, if this is a vex "simulator" why are we even going in there killing things that are part of a program? what's the point?

  3. Did they think about tying this DLC to their 'story' from base game? Did they create a future where Gary won and his lieutenants have the light and can mess you up good? Of course not. These days Activision's just about ca$h, not creativity. Sad…

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