Days Gone 4K Gameplay Trailer – E3 2017: Sony Conference

Explore and survive Sony’s dystopian world of Days Gone in this all new gameplay footage. Watch more trailers here!

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  1. So, I haven't been gaming long. Please fill me in. Does Sony holding back the release date mean it's closer than we think or that it's a LONG way off?
    Perhaps this has something to do with the date leak from earlier this year stating that it will come out in August? Now they're covering their tracks to trick everyone?
    Seriously, this game is the only reason I have a PS4. Otherwise I play most everything else on Pc.

  2. The "exclusive' waiting game" for the PlayStation 4… the only game stated to come out was God of War 4 in 2018 yawn….

    The majority of their Ps4 games "Monster hunter" will also be coming out simultaneously for the
    Xbox One X

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