BwC S4E1 – Virat – Part 1

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King Kohli, like you’ve never seen before. He is a champion, a heartthrob, an entertainer, but is also a simple Delhi boy at heart. Today he sits down to a late …

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  1. ViratKohli is not just a great cricketer. He represents the new face of India's youth. Supremely confident, aggressive, driven, focussed, inspired. Risk taker. With an unparalleled belief in himself. In his Nation. In his team. Nothing can stop him.

  2. Virat Kohli you are the great,you are the best,you are the master of cricket ,i know, you have thousand of crazy fans,but you don't know i am the best crazy fan among all the fans. i can die for you if you tell,i can alive for you if you you kohli ,i love you.

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