BwC S1E5 – Bishan Singh Bedi feat. Angad Bedi

“He’s one of the most large hearted people I’ve met. A chat with him is full of laughs and lovely observations. He’s my dear friend’s father but he insists I call him …

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  1. bishan paji… sorry i call u paji …bcuz I m not so young in my life ever to call you as Uncal or dajee .. u r sooooo electrifying that I m not …. sorry English khatam … pajeeeee tusee great hooo… I change my point of view of see or treated my paaa after looking u in this and tha … after see this … pls check my next msg.

  2. Junoon ke sath sukoon bhi hona chahiye….kirthan karna hai Ki sunana hai…Serve game as servant not administrator…

    And last but not the least I'm taking royalty along with me 🙂

    Lots of love to u Bedi Saab…. A ignored living legend who believe in speaking his mind !!!!

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