Paris Hilton Has Finally Dropped A New Single And It’s Hot


Paris Hilton just put the “Happy” in your “Happy Valentine’s Day” — and, well, pretty much every other holiday on the calendar — thanks to her new single, “I Need You.”

It’s been over a decade since Hilton proved to the world she’s got pop chops with “Stars Are Blind,” and though she’s been globetrotting as a DJ for awhile now, “I Need You” gets her out of the booth and back in the studio for a ’50s-esque ballad that drips with devotion for her beloved.

If you take “Beauty School Dropout” from Grease, Marilyn Monroe’s iconically breathy delivery, and give both a 2018 makeover (along with a few hints at an enticing, American Beauty-invoking video), that’s “I Need You” in a nutshell. 💕

Happy Valentine’s Day. Paris loves you. (Not as much as she loves her fiancé, though.)

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