Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan says this to Shilpa Shinde and it brings tears in her eyes

Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan says this to Shilpa Shinde and it brings tears in her eyes

We are just five days away from the grand finale of Bigg Boss 11 and makers are going to leave no stone unturned to grab a lot more eyeballs than they already have in these last few days. Hence, evicted contestant Arshi Khan re-entered the house yesterday, but not as a contestant. She is a guest this time. We expected her to create some rifts between the contestants in the house, but that is not the case. Looks like she is in the house to mend the broken relationships and is deeply apologetic for her extremely rude behaviour towards Shilpa Shinde. In a video published under the BB Extra Dose category on Voot today, we can see Arshi and Shilpa talking to each other in the kitchen area. The conversation starts with Arshi giving some suggestions to Shilpa about her outfit. She then tells Shilpa that after she was evicted, people asked her about her and she told everyone that Shilpa is a simple woman and doesn’t have that air of a celebrity.

Shilpa thanks her and Arshi then adds that she can never speak ill about her because she is like a mother to her. She also says that the relationship between both of them is on another level and that she will realise once she is out of the house. By now Shilpa has slight tears in her eyes as she gets emotional. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: “I never take my fans for granted,” says Shilpa Shinde

Vikas Gupta cuts their conversation as he wants to discuss the breakfast menu. After Vikas leaves, Arshi continues their conversation and says that when Shilpa kissed on Arshi’s sari this one time behind her back, she saw it and understood that Shilpa really was genuine towards her. Arshi confesses that she used to cry outside the house every time Shilpa’s name was said in front of her. She further reveals that her mother gave her a piece of her mind for behaving rudely with Shilpa and adds that her family likes her too. How sweet is that, no?

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