Best TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

Here is a list of the best tv shows streaming on Netflix that delivers the impressive catalog of network and series to help you direct to the must watch ones.

Get ready to binge-watch everything you love about tv. Now the question that pops up in mind is what not to miss when the options are endless. We all return home hungry and spent but still everyone wants to veg out in front of the tv to delve into unknown, watch their best dramas and enjoy their downtime to break the chain of the vicissitudes we face.

Here is a list of the best tv shows streaming on Netflix that delivers the impressive catalog of network and series to help you direct to the must watch ones.

1. House of cards


This Netflix original series is about a congressman, Francis Underwood who got betrayed and trapped in the American political conspiracy. Walker, who promised him the post of Secretary of State in return of his help in ensuring the election of presidency suddenly reverts from his words and this turns Underwood against him. He makes a pact with his wife who is equally conniving to exact revenge and bring up the greed and corruption in American politics to light. This American series is more interesting and fun than it sounds

2. Suits


Suits is about a college dropout. Mike Ross, who is on a run because of a failed drug deal and joins the team of corporate lawyer, Harvey Spector. As the new member enters the firm, the pack faces betrayals, ups and downs and secrets which then come to light, giving things a ugly turn. The drama becomes more entertaining and full of suspense with new and old rivalries, meanwhile, the rest of the members try to adjust with the new one.

3. The Big Bang theory


The show is about two brilliant yet socially awkward physicists who barely know about life outside a laboratory. What baffles them more is the entry of a woman across the hallway, the next door to them. The woman is a waitress and starts hanging out with one of them and the laughters follow each move and encounter they have. Apart from the women, there are two other friends frequently seen to hang out with them who also belong to the world of sciences making this drama hilarious ever.

4. Death note


The story revolves around an intelligent, high school student who stumbles across a mysterious otherworldly notebook, Death Note. The student then goes on a discreet crusade to eliminate the criminals as the notebook grants its user the power to kill anyone whose name is written onto it and the face is known by the user. The series revolves around the attempts made to transform the world into utopian society which eventually is free from the reign of terror and crime. To watch the complete series on Netflix, subscribe to it and enjoy the thriller at cheapest package with Netflix coupons.

5. Breaking bad


The story is about a mid -mannered, high school chemistry teacher who faces financial crisis and unable to make ends meet. While his teenage son suffers from cerebral palsy, he himself gets diagnosed with terminal stage lung cancer which further worsens his situation. Being held in financial setback, he desperately makes a bid to earn as much as he can in his last days of life and turns an old RV into a lab on wheels which manufactures methamphetamine to save his family from ruining financially. The series has been rated among the highest streaming shows ever because of the genres as well as the content.

6. Friends


The series follows the personal and professional lives of three young men and three young women, sharing the same apartment and poking their nose in one another’s businesses. The chemistry in their love and the agony of their breakups will make you laugh so hard that you will never experience this hilarity in average people’s lives elsewhere. This is a must watch tv series for all teenagers who don’t want to miss out the fun with friends.

7. Prison Break


The series is about two brothers, one of them is convicted of a crime and sent to death row. The other brother knows of his innocence and the political conspiracy behind his imprisonment. So he leaves no stone unturned to get himself sent in the same prison alongside his brother to set both of them break free from inside and this is what sets the series of events in motion. Not only do they attempt to expose the conspiracy which put everybody’s life at risk but also make certain to escape their recapture. This series has a lot more to offer including crime, action, drama and thrilling experience.

The list is smartly complied that will tickle your stomach as well as put your grey cells to work. From comedy to crime, the never ending list of series of Netflix is sure to confuse you with choices but rest assured, the list will help you navigate to the best.

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