Should we Believe in Astrology or Not?

Do you believe in Astrology? Let's find out why we should believe in it or not.

Astrology gives us something different that is not available elsewhere. It doesn’t tell you that “You will go to a particular place tomorrow,” rather, it just gives an overview of the way you are poised or placed for the day. Astrology is the traditional ancient field of science that states that your personality, behavior and fortune depend on the way stars are positioned at the time of your birth. 

 The history of astrology dates back to ancient times, and over the years, it has evolved as a full-fledged science. Many eminent scholars and researchers have devoted their lives to its development, so there has to be some logic behind it. Don’t you think so?


The Astrology Horoscope gives the detail on one’s characteristics traits, strengths, weaknesses, the present events and future course of life. It can even help you find a “suitable soulmate” for yourself based on the compatibility studies. Astrologers predict what business is good for you, what gemstone to wear, any health issues, etc. Believe it or not, but Astrology is a boon for mankind because it reaps a lot of great benefits. Read below to get insights on the same.


The  Reasons to Believe in Astrology 


Astrology helps you to get a deep understanding of your characteristics and personality traits Also, you can easily gauge the positive and negative aspects of the personality of a person by knowing their Zodiac sign. In Fact, you can quickly adapt yourself to their nature which is helpful to maintain a harmonious relationship.


Astrology enables you to make informed decisions on the basis of scientific calculations and predictions. It shows you the way how the future is poised and what it holds for you? It's a divine science that enables you to know about the appropriate time to execute your strategies!


Astrology Horoscope paves the way to determine relationship compatibility which in turn is very critical for a happy married life and other relationships. Also, it will let you know who you are and your sun sign, Moon sign, etc.


Astrology lets you know about the various skills and abilities that you have got in this life, how you have derived the power within yourself and your drive etc. All these are connected with the Karmas of your past life. Accordingly, it helps you in determining good career options based on your sun sign. Your communication skills depend on the placement of Mercury in your birth chart. The planets placed in the 10th house will let you know about the best career option for you. Similarly, planets in other houses predict other aspects of your life such as finance, love, marriage, profession, etc. 


Astrology defines the purpose of your life and if the path you are following is correct or not. Do you enjoy your work? Do you get the support of your relatives, friends, etc.? Do you have a positive outlook or the negative outlook towards life? Astrology helps with all these answers. It enables you to find out the various energies in your life, choose the best possible option out of the available ones and enable you to harness your potential and creativity. 


Astrology enlightens you about the various cycles like the Moon cycles that go through New, Waxing, Full and the waning moon in every 29 days period, Saturn or Shani has a sequence of 29 years, the planet Mercury passes through 3 different retrogrades during the year, the sun returns to the natal position every year on your birthday. These all cycles have a significant impact on your life, so it is essential to understand them.


One of the most important predictions given by Astrology is about the appropriate time to start a business, purchasing a house, time to get into a new relationship, etc. It gives you an accurate prediction about the auspicious and inauspicious times which can bring more success and happiness in your life. 


Astrology also gives you insights into the Karmic relationships that are related to our past lives. This helps us to know the way that we should walk on in this life for our holistic development.


When we read the horoscope predictions, we get an idea about daily, monthly, yearly events and when there are positive events about to happen, Our subconscious mind tends to think that way, and then the entire Universe strives to make it happen. 


Are you poised for some good things in life? Will you prosper in your business? How successful your love relations would be? At Mpanchang, you will get all these answers given by expert astrologers after careful and detailed study of your birth chart. These expert astrologers will give you predictions about various aspects of your life accurately like Love & relationships, career, education, business, etc.

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