Attack on Titan 2 – Titan Trailer

The game is coming out March 20, 2018. Attack on Titan 2 – Teaser Trailer: Subscribe to IGN for more!

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  1. if i were the maker for this game i would have chosen a graphical type that's close to Anime style (dragon ball z fighter or prince of persia 2008 ) it will be far better than this kind of graphic thats been shown above.

  2. Ehhhhhhhh. Looks cool but I’m gonna pass. The first game was pretty good but then the method of killing Titans got really repetitive. I wonder if in cutscenes we’re actually gona see our customized hero or are they gonna be lazy and hid him/her under a hood or stay in a first person perspective for the entire game.

  3. I don't know why people are saying there are framedrops because I didn't find any and the one moment where I think the editors thought of doing a slowmotion thing but that made it looked like framedrop
    I think the game looks really good as compared to the animated series

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