Attack on Titan 2 Official Action Trailer

Slice and dice giants in the sequel. Attack on Titan 2 – Teaser Trailer: Subscribe to IGN for more!

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  1. So, everyone's shitting on the graphics and saying it looks like a PS2 game. And ? Some of the best games of all time were PS2 games and are still memorable to this day. This here is the same graphics as the first and may even get better, as it does say the game is unfinished as of yet. What's even more important is they've expanded apon the mechanics of the first game and actually learned. They've made the titans smarter, shown new, stylish ways of taking them down and they're even including both Season 1 and Season 2 in here, for God's sake. This is going to be like the first but revamped with ten times the content. Look past the graphics and actually see what they've improved on, people.

    Also, if you've seen Season 2, you know we're in for one hell of a ride with this one. HYPE ! 🙂

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