Amazon SEO vs Google SEO: The Better Choice for Sellers

Before finding a particular product on the seller’s website, nine out of 10 consumers first check it on Amazon to take a look at the deals and reviews.

As online sellers, we are constantly looking for ways to gain traffic and make revenue. Over the past year, Amazon has not only gained the title of the largest eCommerce in the world, but also of the biggest search engine for products. You might be wondering how all of it makes sense. 55 percent of product searches are done directly on Amazon instead of typing the name in Google.

Before finding a particular product on the seller’s website, nine out of 10 consumers first check it on Amazon to take a look at the deals and reviews. It doesn’t mean that Google is losing its charm. The search engine has a large library and offers you more than you need. On the other hand, Amazon shows you only the products, which saves time spent searching for the correct website.

Let’s take a look at four differences between Amazon SEO and Google SEO:

1. Structuring and Keyword Placement

When it comes to long-tail keywords, they need to be more accurate so that customers are able to find the products they want easily.

Amazon SEO

When you list a product on Amazon, you can place individual keywords as well as long-tail keywords. They are represented in a better manner as compared to on Google. Keywords that are added in the title are also picked up and help in improving the search results rank of your product.

Google SEO

On the other hand, Google SEO is a bit hectic because you need to place the keywords in the exact manner as mentioned in the top rankings keyword list. Also, keywords should make up no more than two percent of the total number of words and the title. It becomes difficult to rank higher in the list with so many restrictions.

2. Clicks

Clicks can affect the overall popularity of the product.

Amazon SEO

No matter how many times a product link is clicked, your ranking won’t change in Amazon, if you have aced the SEO game. The number of purchases has a certain effect on the listing as higher the sales, better the ranking.

Google SEO

Google has a concept called Click-through rates, which is given excessive importance on the search engine. Websites that receive more ad clicks are displayed higher than those who don’t.

3. External Backlinks

External backlinks are web links of other web pages.

Amazon SEO

You cannot use external backlinks on Amazon because it isn’t relevant to the products.

Google SEO

External backlinks are everything to Google as websites link their products in blogs and blogs to their product pages to increase traffic. It improves the Google rankings. However, if you add too many links, Google will consider it as spam and put you at a lower rank.

4. Conversions

Other than keywords, product reviews and number of sales influence the SEO.

Amazon SEO

Amazon is an eCommerce website, so it is its duty to show the best products the first. This means that products that receive good reviews and tap in higher sales are shown in the first place in the search results.

Google SEO

Conversions aren’t as important on Google as they are on Amazon. Ads that receive the most clicks are displayed more frequently than those who don’t receive much.

Tips to Improve Amazon Conversion Rates

The Verdict

Amazon SEO is a better choice from both, the seller and the buyer, perspectives as it is less overwhelming. Its algorithm shows customers the most sold products and those with the most reviews. The customer can go through them and make a choice that suits their needs the best.

When it comes to Amazon MWS solutions, trust no one better than Kanhasoft. We offer custom Amazon seller tools, which are designed to perfectly suit the business needs.

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