An Adventurous Experience of a Lifetime in Morocco

Traveling through Morocco was a little bit tough as I expected it so easy but still I consider all those days with full of wonder, happiness and adventurous.

Yes, it’s true that Morocco is one of my favorite countries and I always wanted to travel through Morocco with the passion of exploring and finding distinctiveness in the beautiful architecture of this country. In my four weeks of the tour, I really enjoyed every single moment of it. It was lucky when I found a friend of mine who was already there to seek same travel experience as I was seeking in my Morocco holidays

Over the four weeks, I was really happy while visiting the red city Marrakesh, the ancient villages beside the Atlas Mountains, and the Sahara desert in the North Africa, Essaouira, and the Modern City Casablanca. Arriving at Marrakesh in the mid of the day and I fell in love with it as it was so beautiful, chaotic, noisy and with full cultural history. There I booked a perfect guide with great knowledge of Morocco and yes later he proved it by enabling me to discover almost many ancient sites of Morocco. 

On my way to Sahara desert, I have seen a great cultural combination of barber and Arabs. Their dresses and cultural songs are amazing I have ever listened in any of another state. I met many of the people or locals therefrom which many of were very hospitable and polite to deal. My guide explained me a lot of mystical things about the morocco deserts. Camel riding and food of Sahara was amazing in such a low cost. Visiting highest dunes of Sahara was my best scene of life with full concentration. Just amazing sunset in evening and I loved it.

Passing through Essaouira in my cheap holidays to Morocco, it was a breath of fresh air there. Wonderfully colored walls of houses and their architectures seem to be a well-organized traditional city of Morocco with great beaches, fish markets and fresh air entering point to the country. In the local town of Essaouira, where I invited into a music festival where the population was suddenly increased to 300, 000 to 500,000 approximately overnight. 

Finally, I came in the beautiful city Casablanca, oh my god, so developed city while some years ago it was totally not modernized. I was able to understand it later that it became now an international spot for visitors and moreover 60% earning came from traveling business. People were very easy to talk and in a mood to enjoy the beauty of this city with a little traditional touch at some spots. 

 Chefchaouen is my favorite place where I stayed at the beach for 5 hours enjoying and talking to locals intentionally to understand the morocco values and ethics. I have been considering myself very lucky that I found this place and opinions went more positive about the country. I skipped Tangier and many beautiful places and maybe next time it will be more interesting for me to discover all these which I skipped due to short traveling period. 

I am urging to say that if you are a passionate tourist, they have plenty of great ideas and places to discover the beauty of this country in your Morocco holidays. Please make sure that you have planned minimum 2 or three weeks and I am sure that you will be able to enjoy and explore all the places and things in Morocco. 

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