What Active and Passive brain training is required?

People often believe that age reprimands our brain functioning towards deterioration. We do not completely agree with you, however, in general sense this theory has been found to be true.

Why we disagree is because we believe in enhancing the brain functionalities through brain training and exercises which are specifically designed for it! These exercises help in boosting the power of mind with every new step you take. We just do not have to believe in the traditional aspects completely and be open to experiencing new horizons in life with every new milestone that we achieve.

In this article we will teach you what active and passive training for brain can help in realising its maximum potential!

Active brain training exercises:

There are several types of exercises to actively rewire your brain.

  1. Brain games and training:

Brain games include the simple exercises that we can easily find in daily newspapers or magazine journals. These are not only interesting exercises but also help in adding fun element to our routine life. There are various forms of brain exercise such as puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, riddles, Sudoku, linear games, picture tricks, difference games, crosswords etc.

These exercises actively include our brain to sit and lay our focus on the problem at hand. It helps in shifting our focus from the stress in our life to the situation at hand. It boosts the logical rationale and analytical thinking of the human mind.

  1. Meditational practices:

There are various forms of meditational practices that help in gaining better concentration and higher sense of awakening of the mind. Brain training through meditation is quite a popular concept.

We need to find a quiet place and start meditation without any preparation. Although it does not specify a time but it is the best to do meditation in that time when there is nobody to disturb us.

Meditation helps in creating consciousness and brining our energies to a focal point. Therefore, we need to actively engage our brain into meditating practices.

Passive brain training exercises:

  1. Open to new experiences:

If we keep on following the same daily routine, we hardly find ourselves challenging enough to solve the bigger situations in life. for example- if you are doing the same job for hours, you feel the need to take a break. Routine kills creativity significantly. However, at the same time, if you keep on giving new exposures to your mind every day, the experiences help you in rebounding to your daily chores with new energy. Name it like a coffee break in between a long assignment at work!

Open up to new experiences; explore new restaurants, walking pathways, workouts, and colour creations everyday! You will experience the difference in your awakening every now and then.

  1. Switching of hands:

Have you ever experienced any freshness in brushing your teeth every day? May be not much! It is because you always perform the same routine and do find it any different than previous day. For brain training, you need to switch hands and experience the slight difficulty in brushing your teeth. For example if you use right hand normally, start using your left hand now! This will help you in boosting your present moment awareness and help your brain to experience new dimensions of simple acts in daily life.

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