A glimpse of the book “An Abstract Love – A soulful journey of two hearts by Janki Hemani”

This post is about the story of Zoya and Rihaan's life. It is not a typical love story because it is a story of an abstract love

There are many things in this universe that cannot be explained. Love is one of such things. There are so many different types of love that a human being experiences at different times in his/her life. At different times, the same person is capable of having similar feelings for different people. Human relationships are complex in nature. Sometimes we meet people who stay in our life for a short time, but the impact they leave on our hearts last for a lifetime. This story is about such a relationship which created footprints that could never be erased from Zoya and Rihaan’s lives. This story is about an abstract love, which existed in a parallel universe. This is the universe that lives within each one of us, where life is perfect and all our desires get fulfilled. This is Zoya and Rihaan’s universe.

“Some love stories may not end well,

Yet the lovers who suffer pain also have a story to tell.

-Janki Hemani”

I’d like to share a glimpse of my ebook “An Abstract Love – A soulful journey of two hearts” with you all:

“After all these years, Rihaan sang the song that reminded Zoya of the time she had spent with Rihaan. Time seemed to have reversed to that day when they first met. Their heart beats were racing once again. He never said that he loved her, yet something happened today that had not happened before. Zoya ran away from the campfire. He came to her and saw the tears in her eyes. She asked him why he sang this song now after so many years? Why did he come to the reunion? She was happy in her life. After a long pause, Zoya wiped her tears and asked him “Rihaan did you ever love me?” He looked into her eyes and finally told her his side of the story.

They both knew this was the last time they saw each other. They hugged each other one last time before saying goodbye. Two minutes were all it took for this hug to leave its footprints on their lives forever. Zoya and Rihaan would never forget the emotion they felt at that moment. She left a part of her existence in his heart.

They never met again. Zoya was settled in her life. But after one year from the last time Zoya met Rihaan, Zoya received a call from Rihaan’s family. She immediately went to Rihaan’s house. His mother handed her a box. Apart from some other things, Zoya found a letter inside the box.”

The above paragraph is merely a brief glance about the story and not a word to word paragraph from the book.

How did Zoya and Rihaan meet?

What did Rihaan say to Zoya when she asked him if he loved her?

Did he love her or was it just a fragment of her imagination?

Why did Zoya go to meet Rihaan’s family after being away from Rihaan for one year?

What happened when Zoya opened the letter?

What did Rihaan say in the letter?

My first eBook “An Abstract Love – A soulful journey of two hearts” has been launched on Amazon. This book is a journey of Zoya and Rihaan’s life. It will take you through an emotional roller-coaster ride. This story is about our insecurities, human flaws, emotional connections that leave lasting impressions in our lives and the regrets that we learn to live with due to our hidden fears.

You can catch a glimpse of the book trailer at https://youtu.be/u1ToJfCu6XA

A copy of this book is available at different Amazon stores. The links to some of these stores are as follows: 

Amazon US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DZ879J7

Amazon India – https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07DZ879J7

Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07DZ879J7

If you read this book and it touches your heart the way it touched mine while writing it, then please leave a review of the book on Amazon.

“When you love someone, don’t hesitate to tell them,

Living with regrets is the worst way to live,

Don’t fear rejection, don’t fear heart ache,

It is better to be rejected than to wonder “What If”,

Time doesn’t wait for anyone we have only one chance at life,

Love truly, love unconditionally because love lasts forever even after people die.

-Janki Hemani



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