5 Surprise Ways to Present a Special Gift

Gifting is the joy of making someone happy. It’s been scientifically proven fact that when you give someone something, it leads you to an immense amount of happiness

We have all given try in surprising a dear one when s/he arrives, just because of gifts and much more. So much of effort in finding the right gift and offering by simple giving? Nah! But the kind of surprises that lift up the occasion or perhaps the mood of him/her is imperative. We have curated few experiences that you can try to bring a delightful glee on their face. So, go ahead, here are the few suggestions for you to get started.

The Improbable Delivery person

It’s a special day and your best friend is already expecting you to show up and give the present. That’s where you will have to start creating confusion. Find someone who doesn’t know your recipient neither s/he knows the gift giver. Obviously, the first person to pop up in your mind is no one other than an adorable kid or simply order birthday gifts online that will be given by special delivery person all they have to tell is “This is for you.” Maybe you can even get a pet, attach a small box to his collar and approach the recipient with its gift in hand.

Special Fake-Out Packaging

A gift that is being wrapped in an intriguing way is always exciting. Moreover here’s your cue of doing it, by planning an amazing surprise. Moreover, it’s going to be an extravagant thing to do if you do not want that, and then make time out to prepare a huge fake packaging such that they will be thrilled to see huge box but when they will open then again there will be smaller size box. Same way it will continue doing it and the experience is going to be so interesting that you will love to take it.

Scavenger Hunt

This is going to require little more work but so much of exhilarating fun. What you’ll be doing instead of wrapping the gift in glossy paper, you will give an envelope consisting of a clue. This will keep on leading to another one. Hide the clues at your home, neighbourhood or wherever you feel like. You can tie something with it like flowers which you can send flowers online that will make the recipient more exciting.The final and last clue will tell your loved one about where the game is hidden. Make sure that the location is a tough one.

The Unexpected Discovery

An unexpected surprise in form of gift makes you jump in the air with excitement. Thus, when it comes to your special person, simply let him/her stumble upon it. Whether it is wrapped up in fancy colourful papers or a note fix on top of the gift, it should express your feelings. Hide it at a place where s/he usually visits every day. Like coffee cabinet, cereal box, briefcase, bathroom cabinets. Other interesting places can be inside the helmet so that s/he will be stunned to receive it. This unexpected discovery fits best in the daily routine which doesn’t vary every day so that your giftee is flabbergasted. Just reminders don’t keep it the place where it gets overlooked or perhaps gets lost as well.

Your Special Place

Think about the place where it all began, the place both of you went out for the first time. And also, the affectionate memories you made consequently at some of your favourite places. All of it can set the mood for the birthday. Take him/her to the favourite concert or going for a hike that’s been on a list for a long time. You can go to the beach and present a gift when the timing is correct. The place doesn’t have to be extravagant, the more it is warm the tendered s/he will feel. Wherever you go, ensure that gift pops up at perfect timing. No talking about gifts and the place, special occasions until you arrive. When the moment you feel that “Yes, it is!” Then show your love and comes out the gifting box. YAY!

Birthdays make our day merrier and jolly. But aren’t you tired of following the same routine? To think out of the box can be tricky. Therefore, we have got your back and to make your birthday into happening. While your recipient will remain unaware, you keep your anticipation on track. Anyone can go for candlelight dinner or deliver a beautiful gift crafted in an attractive way.  If you had destination wedding at special places then plan a special trip where you are engaged on special place.The above mentioned are the few ideas that will create a moment surprise and delight. And there’s no doubt your beloved one and you will experience utter happiness.

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