5 Key Areas of Improvement For Data Governance

Governance holds the key to an efficiently run information management program.

Enterprises have understood that data is the main force behind their organization and they must make efforts to manage and govern it effectively. Engaging data governance services for the purpose is pertinent but organizations must assess the program to find out ways in which it can be improved. Just like data elements keep changing, governance is also a constantly evolving process. With digital technology, analytics, and artificial intelligence entering the picture, the field keeps witnessing new innovations. There are still some areas, though where there is still room for improvement. In this article, we will discuss the major areas where organizations can enhance their data governance efforts to create more value.

1. Data Understanding Across The Organization

Modern enterprises are generating more data than ever but the vital question is have they achieved optimum data understanding. The source and background of information are important to establish its utility for the organization. This is why metadata is so critical for the entire initiative. In order to finalize access control, quality standards, and usage rules, an in-depth understanding of the elements is necessary. Data governance consulting firms must focus on the metadata strategy of an organization to ensure that the information elements are comprehended across the organization in a better and consistent manner.

2. Security Of Data And Ethical Practices

Another important aspect which must be given top priority by governance professionals is data security. There is widespread concern about the security of private information of individuals being accessed by corporations. With the enforcement of stringent privacy laws like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it becomes all the more necessary to ensure that the data privacy framework of an organization is foolproof and effective. Framing simple guidelines is not enough and organizations must introspect whether their methods of generating information are ethical or not. The cost of non-compliance with privacy regulations will be much greater than a data breach. Companies must create an environment for the ethical handling of data by their workforce.

3. Governance In Cloud-based Applications

The cloud-based digital storage environment is one of the biggest technological innovations of recent times. It has had a significant impact on information management and even smaller enterprises are now able to create a data management program with its help. Data governance services though must ensure that their best practices are applied to all cloud-based solutions. Metadata can be a difficult area with companies needing to define it for on-site solutions as well as cloud-based tools. Organizations have to define rules for data sharing and use metadata to keep a tab on the sharing of different assets.

4. Inclusion Of Diverse Individuals

Data governance has long been seen as a monitoring initiative essential to maintain the productivity of the information management program. Enterprises seldom think of terms like inclusion and diversity when staffing their governance team. It is high time though that the issue was addressed by all types of organizations. They must try to include people of different genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds in the team for data governance training. The different points of view will definitely enrich the whole program and improve its effectiveness.

5. Expansion Into Other Areas

Another aspect that corporations must look into is how the initiative can be applied to other areas. Going beyond data and establishing a framework which guarantees better understanding, quality, and trust in areas like reporting and analytics must be their next objective. Companies can focus on areas which they think will add value to their business and start by taking small steps. This will definitely have a positive effect on the performance of the enterprise.


Governance holds the key to an efficiently run information management program. Data governance services must keep evolving with time to remain relevant and help businesses improve the efficacy of their processes and systems.

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