3 most cited misconceptions about Pre-employment Background Screening

we will shed light on the top 3 misconceptions that job seekers have about pre-employment background screening

In this day and age, businesses consider pre-employment background screening as an important aspect of the hiring process. It is so because running a pre-employment background check improves the quality of hire, which, in turn, leads to better business’s productivity.

However, the employment verification process is quite difficult as it is extremely important to leave no stone unturned while verifying information about potential employees. That’s why most of the businesses avail employment verification services from reputed vendors like BPO firms.

Specialized employment verification service providers always validate potential employees’ data in such a way which ensures that clients don’t face any type of hiring-related hassle in the later stages.

Despite the importance of the employment screening process, there are some myths and misconceptions that revolve around background checks. And today, we will shed light on the top 3 misconceptions that job seekers have about pre-employment background screening. So, let’s roll:

Disqualification is inevitable if there’s a criminal record   

Generally, job seekers think that they would be disqualified if they possess a criminal history. Owing to the very same reason, they lie about their criminal background during the interview process. However, this often leads to disqualification.

The major reason behind this is that most of the businesses avail employment verification services from recognized third-party verification companies so that the former can know about the potential employee’s criminal history. Whenever it is found that the job candidate had lied about his/her criminal background, the employer has to disqualify him/her.

Therefore, it is imperative for job seekers to understand that trying to keep the employer in dark is the main reason that often leads to disqualification. For those who don’t know, companies can’t refuse employment if the job candidate has no work-related criminal history and all thanks go to EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) policies.

So, it is highly advisable for job applicants to stay honest while attending an interview in any company.

Employers look for a reason not to appoint

Another misconception that job applicants have is pre-employment background screening gets conducted only to find out negatives that prevent hiring. But this isn’t true at all because employers often avail employment verification services from reputed TPV companies so as to stay away from the negative aftereffects of a bad hire.

By means of pre-employment background check, employers just want to ensure that academic achievements, professional excellence, etc. that potential employees have mentioned in their resume is correct.

Moreover, employers decide to conduct a pre-employment background screening when they almost have made up their mind to take the hiring decision.

Thus, if you are a job seeker, never afraid of pre-employment background verification as there’s no need to be.

Nobody cares about social media profiles 

Last but not least, job applicants generally believe that employers solely check the information mentioned in the resume and don’t care about the former’s social media profiles. Owing to this delusion, sometimes the hassle of disqualification takes place. Surprised? Well, the major reason behind why interviewees get disqualified is their filthy social media profiles.

At the present time, companies contact third-party verification companies so as to conduct a social media background check on potential employees. Usually, multinationals want social media profiles of potential employees verified so that nothing can affect the business’s reputation in the later stages.

During the social media background screening, if it is found that the social media profiles of job candidates are filled with inappropriate photos, discourteous comments, profane statuses, etc. then the employer has to refuse employment. This is so because if the former don’t know how to behave online, there is a likelihood that he/she may affect the working environment with improper behavior after being hired.

Hence, it is vital for job seekers to keep their social media profiles spick and span as that’s the best way to lift the odds of being appointed.

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