10 Best Exercises to Tone Flabby Arms – Fastest Ways!

Flabby arms (also known as bat wings) is quite common among women. The reason being, women tend to store more fat in their upper arms than men, which is basically a hormonal thing.


Good news is sculpted arms are possible at any age. A well-balanced diet and a 10-minute workout every day can reduce excess fat stored in the upper arms and give you toned, well-defined upper arms.


Get going with these arm workout exercises and tips from personal trainers at Fit O’Clock, the best gym and fitness center in Jaipur.


5 Exercises to tone your arms right away


  1. Ball Slams


Gear: A medicine ball or slam ball


Step 1: Stand up straight. Place both legs at hip-width length apart.

Step 2: Hold the ball near the chest.

Step 3: Next, lift it behind your head.

Step 4: Bend your knees and throw the ball on the ground with all your energy.

Step 5: Catch the ball and bring it back up over and behind your head. Proceed with next rep.


Note: Use just the knees to lift yourself up while keeping your spine straight. Stop the game when you can no longer hold the ball over your head or keep your spine erect.


  1. Dumbbell bench press


Gear: Two dumbbells and a bench


Step 1: Lie on the bench with your back flat and feet firmly touching the ground. If your feet aren’t touching the ground, adjust your position so that it does.

Step 2: Keep your core engaged and your spine in a neutral position.

Step 3: Next, let your shoulder blades move away from your ear. Make sure that your shoulders, hips, and head is in touch with the bench all this while.

Step 4: Raise the dumbbells by keeping your arms tight against your sides. Your palms should face forward or at a 45-degree angle.

Step 5: Lower the dumbbells to the original chest position. Elbows should be tight and kept at the sides.


Note: It does not always have to be a bench. You can perform this workout on the floor too.


  1. Bicep curls with band


Gear: Resistance band


Step 1: Place your feet on the band. It should rest under your foot (probably at the arch).

Step 2: Hold both the ends of the band with your palms facing forward. Place your arms by your side.

Step 3: Hold elbows to your ribs and bend your arms until your hands are near the shoulders.

Step 4: Gradually, let your hands go back down.


Note: Keep your body still at all times during the workout. Do not swing to bring your hands up.


  1. Arnolds


Gear: Dumbbells


Step 1: Stand up straight with two 10 pound dumbbells on both hands.

Step 2: Engage your core and let your knees go easy.

Step 3: Carry the dumbbells up to your shoulder and expose them out. Next, lift them over your head.

Step 4: Bring them back down to the initial position in reverse movement.

Step 5: Perform three sets of 15 reps each.


  1. Overhead Tricep Extension


Step 1: Stand up straight with two 10 pound dumbbells on both hands.

Step 2: Lift your hands and drop then behind your head. Lift hands again.

Step 3: Make sure your elbows are close to your ears while repeating. And not to forget, keep your core engaged.

Step 4: Perform 10 reps.


5 Fitness tips to get toned arms


  1. Change your grip


When it comes to arm muscles, biceps are the strongest of them all. If toned, it looks great with the sexy curve visible above the elbow. You can achieve it with bicep curls. Make sure you get the three hand position right.


  1. a) palms up,
  2. b) palms down, and
  3. c) thumbs to the side


Do 12 reps to the front and 12 to each side.


  1. Get on the Ball


The stability ball is a very important gear that keeps your core engaged. It can quite wonderfully amplify the results of chest exercises. Why chest exercise?


Because chest muscles are very important while sculpting the arms. It creates a sense of stability for the shoulder joint.


  1. Channel Tarzan


Remember swinging across the monkey bars as kids? Why did you stop as adults?


Get your childhood groove on as it is another superb way to shape up those arms. Try to keep swinging back and forth for 2-3 minutes, that enough. This will engage all muscles around your shoulders.


Try getting out of the pull-ups zone and challenge yourself with monkey bars. Bring back your childhood to life.


  1. Get inner peace and better arms with yoga


Who isn’t aware of the several thousand benefits of yoga? From inner peace to flexibility, yoga gives you all (try the best yoga classes in Jaipur). It can also tone and shape up your arm.

Best postures to gain these benefits include Downward dog (Adho Mukho Svanasan) and Side Plank (Vasisthasana).


How to perform Downward Dog?


Step 1: Stand up straight and slowly bend over from the waist.

Step 2: Walk both hands forward, so your hips are elevated.

Step 3: Relax your shoulders with heels pressed on the floor. Hold this position for 3-5 breaths.

Step 4: Next, walk hands forward to plank position.


How to perform Side Plank?


Step 5: Continuing from the plank position, lift your right arm towards the sky, rotate hips and stack your feet. Hold this position for another 3-5 breath,

Step 6: Go back to center plank position and repeat the same on the other side.


  1. And not to forget, STRETCH as much as you can


Stretching is essential. It keeps your joints moving freely. An example of stretching is side neck stretch. Bend down your right ear to your right shoulder with the right hand on the top of your head. Hold this position for 10-30 seconds and repeat for the other side.


All said. No, don’t waste any more time worrying. Work it out!

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VidLyf Blog is the next generation news portal featuring Latest News, Updates from Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Business, World Politics, Fashion, Lifestyle, Health, etc. Stay Updated, Stay Ahead!

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